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[Fanfic] A Era das Navegações

Título: A era das navegações
Personagens: Female!Portugal, Female!UK, France e Espanha. Um pouquinho de PortUK e FrUK
Sumário: Plena era das navegações, Lady Port está vivendo um fado romântico e Francis quer deixar Lady UK totalmente sozinha e incomunicável.
Advertências: Nomes humanos para Port e UK sem qualquer embasamento canônico u.u"

Andoriiiiiiiiiiinha da primaveeeeeera... )

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Potential Portugal?

Since we've been rather inactive of late, I thought it was time for this fan to make a post! It's been a long ride over the past few months for us fans of this pairing - Himaruya has teased, tempted...but ultimately left us uncertain and wondering whether Portugal will ever appear in the Hetalia strips.

However, for those of you who have been following the Hetalia Halloween event - it looks like we might have a little clarification. Rumours are abounding - is the mysterious character seen right at the very end actually Portugal? If so, he's male!!! Lots of fans seem to think that the character is Portugal, and I for one am certainly hoping ;)

Anyways, all those of you yet to have a peek should definately go have a look at the Halloween Event 2011 archives - then come back and discuss!
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Requestion opinions from those more knowledgable than I

So, I'm not sure if this is exactly the right place to ask. Mods if you so desire you can delete this post, or someone can direct me to where it WOULD be more appropriate to ask. But I have a friend who is currently RPing as England on Tumblr so I wanted to try to RP as Portugal for her (we both ship them).

Which brings me to my question/request. I do not know as much about Portugal as I should even though I lurvs him. I was wondering if anyone has any advice as to what would be a good personality for him, which are probably some of the more accurate OCs of this nation-tan, and just general advice or thigs to know if I roleplay him (yes, I'd prefer pointers on how to RP the male OC)

Any help is appreciated Thank You ^^
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POTC 4 Crossover Fic Request!

Anyone who has seen the recent film of 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4; On Stranger Tides' probably recalls the quote of Jack Sparrow claiming that he mistook Angelica's Spanish convent for a brothel all those years ago.

Considering the popularity of both the nautical lifestyle and the disapproving-brother-Spain in the EngPort fandom,  this popped into my head...

Remember the general idea that Portugal became acquantied and allied with Portugal (en route to a Holy War) whilst Portugal was fighting for independance from Spain (and the Old Islamic Empire)? I'm thinking that Jack Sparrow might not have been alone in his mistaken brothel-vist.... What if a certain English pirate-Captain had accompanied him and found himself a lovely little prize in the form of rebellious Fem!Portugal shut away in that Spanish convent by her possessive brother Spain...? Well, as a gentleman, he could hardly leave the distressed damsel (read: wildcat) in there...

I realize that
A) This is going to be severly challenging historical chronology, so it can be as humans rather than Nations,
B) I'd love a full-fledged fic of this, but that could potentially be an intimidating epic to write, so a one-shot is welcome!

Um... Someone fill, pretty please? ^_^

[Fanfic] 50 Sentences

Hello all, Peachy here with a fifty one-sentence fic completed challenge. Genre runs from kid fluff to very suggestive porn, but is all SFW. (i mean how much can you really put in one sentence.) 

shh i didn't format because i am lazy

( this is also so totally not a fake cut.)


Thanks for taking a look, guys ;D

(Another thing of note: Recently, a friend and I started  Portugal and England tumblrs, respectively. Feel free to follow/ask them questions/view our general shenanigans.)