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Harry Potter Hetalia/First Post

Hello! I'm ElephantEmi, and this is my official delurking! I've been obsessively stalking following the Auld Alliance and Codfish Pub communities, and I was struck by inspiration for a story when I stalked their accounts saw hellzabeth's and candescere's HP AU stuff. I started working on this intead of doing all my make up work from being sick, and I decided to stop my lurker/creep tendencies and post something for once! I hope you enjoy it!

“Hola, meu amigo.” Gabriel said as he slid, fluid as water, in the seat next to him. Arthur clenched his fists, nails digging into his palms. Flushing slightly, Arthur stared stonily ahead at Professor Binns, refusing to acknowledge the presence of the half-blood.

Gabriel sighed, and he somehow made the simple exhalation of air sound both flirtatious and mournful. Arthur’s slightly reddened cheeks darkened at the sound, but he still refused to look at Gabriel.
Gabriel’s mouth curved into a lazy grin. He scooted himself much closer to his adorable fellow Slytherin, until he could practically feel the heat his deliciously blushing face was radiating. Leaning in, he brushed his golden hand against Arthur’s. Arthur’s breath hitched at the contact, and his unguarded eyes met Gabriel’s for a split second. Gabriel saw a flash of a want that sent shivers down his spine before Arthur snatched his snowy hand away and focused on the professor once more.

But Gabriel saw the way that his neighbor’s beautiful eyes gave him lightning-quick glances whenever Arthur thought that Gabriel couldn’t see. But Gabriel did see, because he was watching Arthur just as intently from the corner of his eye. Gabriel knew from the first time that they had meant that he and this odd, awkward boy were bound together. He just had to figure out how to make Arthur see it too.
As he was pondering this, the bell rang, and Arthur had practically sprinted out of the classroom. Gabriel pouted his lips slightly in disappointment. He then smiled, determination in his green eyes. This boy would be his.

Arthur clenched his hands into tight fists as Gabriel sauntered off, his hips swinging from side to side like a pendulum. His pale cheeks reddened, and he stuffed his fists into his pockets. Damn all stupidly attractive half-bloods who had to look so damn good in the uniform pants, He thought as he spun around and stormed off to the library. Arthur’s mind whirled as he stomped off to his haven of solitude and books.
Why was he so attracted to Gabriel? He had never felt anything but vague contempt and disregard for the half-blood before. But now… it was like his classmate had taken over his thoughts… and his dreams.
Arthur blushed furiously as he thought of the many times that Gabriel had been the star of his vivid dreams, green eyes hazy, golden skin covered in sweat. Arthur’s flush deepened as he thought of all the things those long, smooth fingers had done and… “Agh!” it felt like Arthur had just walked into a wall. He fell to the ground in an undignified heap. Looking up, he saw he had not walked into a wall, but much worse. His older brother James was grinning down on him.
“Hey there, Runt!” he bellowed cheerfully. “Looks like yer down where ye belong, y’little snake in the grass.” Darren gave his brother a mild look of disapproval and offered his hand to his youngest brother. “Would you like some help, Arthur?” Arthur glared pointedly at James and accepted Darren’s hand. “Yes, Darren, thank you very much,” he said primly as he stood.

Arthur cleared his throat. “So, where are you headed from?” James’s grin grew even broader, if possible. “Well, little brother o’mine, we just got the best Keeper known to man on our Quidditch team. You lot don’ stand a chance this year!” Arthur raised one of his thick eyebrows and glanced at Darren. “Is she really that good, Darren?”
Darren opened his mouth to speak, but James beat him to it. “Aye, she’s a real Keeper, not like that pansy-arse from last year. And Sabine” Darren smiled. “Not to mention she’s Francis’s petite soeur, right, James*” James’s tanned skin flushed. “Aye, that just makes her better.”
Arthur laughed derisively. “If she’s related to that frog, she must be a ruddy awful player. She’ll probably be more concerned about breaking her bloody nail than she’ll be about catching the quaffle.”
James’s green eyes narrowed at this, and his rather large hands curled into fists. Darren cast a worried look at his elder brother’s rapidly reddening face. “I think it’s time for us to leave. See you around, Arthur.” At this, Darren promptly dragged James away before he could pummel him into the stone floor.

Arthur rolled his eyes and continued to the library. At least the sight of his two brothers had dislodged all erotic images from his mind. He frowned slightly, deep in thought. James had gotten extremely defensive as soon as he insulted his new Keeper… no, it had been as soon as he insulted Francis! Arthur’s eyes widened and he almost tripped over his own feet as he remembered the soft look on James’s face s he made his comment of how his Keeper’s relation to Francis would only “make her better”. And Darren’s comment on how she was Francis’s little sister. How could he not have seen it before?

Every trace of Gabriel left his mind as he pondered what relationship his eldest brother had with the damn frog. He was so lost in thought that he didn’t even realize that his feet had walked him to the common room entrance instead of the library. Barely thinking, he muttered, “Felix Felicis” and entered the common room.

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