oliviagrey (oliviagrey) wrote in codfishpub,

Potential Portugal?

Since we've been rather inactive of late, I thought it was time for this fan to make a post! It's been a long ride over the past few months for us fans of this pairing - Himaruya has teased, tempted...but ultimately left us uncertain and wondering whether Portugal will ever appear in the Hetalia strips.

However, for those of you who have been following the Hetalia Halloween event - it looks like we might have a little clarification. Rumours are abounding - is the mysterious character seen right at the very end actually Portugal? If so, he's male!!! Lots of fans seem to think that the character is Portugal, and I for one am certainly hoping ;)

Anyways, all those of you yet to have a peek should definately go have a look at the Halloween Event 2011 archives - then come back and discuss!

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