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The Codfish Pub

An England x Portugal Community

England x Portugal Community
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Anybody , Moderated
* This is a community specifically for the England x Portugal pairing.
* As Portugal's official nation-tan doesn't exist yet, every OC version of him is allowed.
* To make it more fun and for more variety, posts in both Portuguese and English are allowed.
* For fanart, putting up a preview pic is very much appreciated. :D
* The authors of the fanfics, fanarts, etc are the ones to choose whether they want their works to be f-locked or not.
* You're welcome to post everything that is related to Portugal or England as a single character too, but please refrain from posting content that is specific to other pairings involving either one of these two.
* If you want to affiliate, please PM wamyne.

That said, have fun!

Layout by xaddictionsx

UK/Jp: love_and_tea
Spain/Portugal: tomato_with_cod
seme!England: semely_scones
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